Monday, January 10, 2011 Security – Rhythms school – primary education – no friends – Safety In educational news of the day, one will find a joint interview with Luc Chatel and Eric Debarbieux in Liberation.

Monday, January 10, 2011 Security – Rhythms school – primary education – no friends – Safety In educational news of the day, one will find a joint interview with Luc Chatel and Eric Debarbieux in Liberation. They are taking stock of the States General on school safety, which were held April 8, 2010 in Paris, and what has been done since. According to the Minister, it is in teacher training to violence that things have progressed the most. Each teacher has had (or will have) a specific training module for classroom management and received a DVD "class Attire". Eric Debarbieux, who chairs the Scientific Council of the States General also states that were formed 80 "training of trainers" on the issues of violence and security in the school. Much has been said about this training class held: Mixing "common sense" and recipes with a healthy dose of mistrust a priori vis-a-vis students it would take even "tame" … the minister said it was not done before in the IUFM, what is wrong even though it was not as systematic and prescriptive. When it was noted that these trainings are held him while students are already in class, he replied "We are in a transition year. The goal is that after there has such training modules in the Masters. ". But would it be then that it imposed in training contrary to the principle of university autonomy. Especially since it plays in any way in the success in the contest. The minister also vote a clean bill for ERS (school reintegration) that have yet started badly. Even satisfaction for mobile security teams (EMS), which today 484 members (police and educators) who have performed more than 4000 procedures at the request of principals in the first quarter. The Minister remains braces himself on his defense job cuts, saying that it is not necessary to have more adults in the facility to address violence. "In an institution, there is a community of adults who share values ??and must enforce the rules. This should be a shared responsibility. Each must be secured to the teacher in trouble with an act of violence. […] the answer is not always to give more resources or to have a CPE behind each student. Rather a change of mindset. "Eric Debarbieux is struggling in this interview to hear his little music. Yet he tries to talk about security rather than violence and shade the minister: "The States General have put people at the heart of the problem, stressing, beyond the numbers, the importance of having trained teams and stable. They also gave the kickoff of a substantive work. For the first time, a national survey we will conduct in March of "victimization" (the frequency of attacks) to be held every two years. In addition, we start thinking about harassment among students, especially in elementary school, to define a prevention policy. But with job cuts, it is difficult to say that we will do better with less. "It’s more than a nuance you hear in another article in the same newspaper. Veronique Soule call on teachers working in difficult schools. Instead fences and security gates, they feel that nothing can replace the presence of supervisors who know the students and can prevent conflicts. "For me the general state of security are a hoax, says a representative of the CGT educ’action, they do not resolve this lack of adult presence." It’s Rhythms in Le Figaro that we learn that the contributions of school timetables were made public on the website of the conference appointed by Luc Chatel. Over 5000 users have given their opinions. Note also the contributions of trade unions and associations among which we note in particular the contribution of CAPE (Collective of Associations Partners Public School). Parents of students (49%), teachers (22%), education personnel (11%) expressed themselves through what often resembles a list of grievances. Of the 1,000 subjects become the most exchanges, vacation time, including summer, attracted 2,000 messages, follow issues of the integration of homework in school time (600 posts), the four-day week (550 posts) and school sport (480 posts). These themes touch on the proposals of local education authorities that at meetings, collected the views of thousands of people. The idea of ??reducing the duration of the summer holidays seem to make his way but with many doubts about its effectiveness. The theme of homework seems to be accurate pricing unanimously deplore their excessive weight and the need to integrate the lessons in school time. But where there is homework service
no unanimity on this four-day week. Or rather there is ambiguity: a majority of Internet users (67%) approve of the four-day week considered practical even though many criticize and think it is harmful to the child. Difficult to reconcile conflicting requirements … Priority Education Networks "ambition success" (RAR), formed in 2006 to replace the Priority Education Zones have a report "encouraging," according to a June 2010 report that the Ministry of Education has just put online. The report had been expected for several months, amid fears for priority education. The Pedagogical Cafe is also noted that this assessment made by the Degesco even goes down the official line that tended until now to question the priority education. As also emphasized 20minutes, the results are encouraging because the differences (with other institutions) are reduced to several academic success indicators. Reducing differences for the proportion of repeaters and late students to college, mastery of basic math skills CM2 and the results of the patent. "However, the results of pupils are still too low and the gaps in the mastery of basic skills in French and mathematics in third increase," the report added. But the report also forget certain aspects. Such as the impact of the removal of the school map on RAR. If you can read in this document that "the easing of the school map has not led to a massive and widespread ghettoization RAR colleges", it fails to mention that these institutions have lost a significant number of students made this decision endangering the work and sustainability of teams. The report announced that the developments of the list of RAR institutions may be required to adjust to the latest developments in connection with the policy of the city. Can one be a "friend" with his teacher? Having his teachers as friends on Facebook or receive SMS from them should soon be possible in the state of Virginia, tells us the newspaper Le Monde. According to a report recommending that measure, teachers and students should communicate on platforms hosted by the school, while communication on social networks, instant messaging, online games or mobile phone is prohibited. Among the reasons given to justify this prohibition is especially the fear of sexual harassment. The committee of state education issues of Virginia states that this report, which must be voted on this week, is a series of recommendations, not requirements for schools, which will nevertheless strong incentive to comply. Again, it is clear that with technological and societal changes is still poorly considered by the educational institution. The question of whether to be "Facebook friend" with his students is a legitimate question pedagogically (for my part, I am opposed). But if the only answer is the ban and suspicion, I doubt we succeed one day to have a real education for responsible technology use. One is not born surfer, you become … Good Reading … ———————————– ———– of 10/01/11 (some paid items) "the school safety: a shared responsibility" Luc Chatel, Minister of Education, and Eric Debarbieux Chairman of the scientific Council of the states general on violence in schools Read more of the article college corridors in evil supervisors difficult institutions specifying their particular needs and reject the discourse of Chatel. Read more of the article The Muslim creationism in Paris There are fundamentalists everywhere, and Christian creationism has its equivalent on the Muslim side. His propagandists, one of the most richly endowed voice (in money) is that Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar or). The streets of Paris and offent recent days posters inviting the public to attend a "free scientific conference the life of Origin". With, keep you well "exhibition of fossils." Read more of the article In the school education of women How she shapes the girls? Several generations answer this question. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 10/01/11 School: the list of grievances of teachers and parents Five thousand people participated via the Internet to the required consultation Luc Chatel on the duration of the summer holidays and week four days. Read more of the article Rhythms school: the puzzle of the Commission The question of shortening summer vacation is at the heart of most of the hearings conducted by the commission for three months. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the (some paid items) of 10/01/11 Switzerland: a project to require teachers to report undocumented children of illegal foreign Stalking by all means become trend lately time in Switzerland. The scholarship is open to ideas. The project currently discussed in the Federal Council in the fight against illegal immigration would require teachers to expose students children of undocumented immigrants. An administration task force is now to examine the feasibility of this measure momentum among others to fight against illegal immigration. "This proposal is not from the administration but follows a corapport procedure within the Federal Council" advised Dieter Biedermann, spokesman for the Federal Office of Justice. Read more of the article Facebook and SMS between teachers and students soon banned in Virginia Having his teachers as friends on Facebook or receive SMS from them should soon be possible in the state of Virginia. The committee responsible for education issues of this American state will soon vote on a series of recommendations (.pdf) on private communications between teachers and students to prevent sexual abuse. According to the report, teachers and students should communicate on platforms hosted by the school, while communication on social networks, instant messaging, online games or mobile phone is prohibited. These recommendations also apply to the school staff as a whole. Read more of the article University under scrutiny by researchers Shoemakers, they say, are the worst shod. It’s the same for university: the world of French higher education has hardly mobilized the sagacity of the researchers, historians and sociologists in particular. As if they preferred to avoid discussion a reality of which they are themselves actors. That’s the whole point of the last issue of the journal Social Movement. It explores the considerable metamorphosis that transformed the university for half a century. For proof, simply refer to the set of statistical tables prepared by two undisputed experts, Antoine Prost and Jean-Richard Cytermann. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 10/01/11 When Louis Chauvel wrong target … by Eric Le Bourg, CNRS researcher, Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse Must replace the struggle of generations of class struggle? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 10/01/11 a report advanced the "difficulties" novice teachers Four months after the implementation of the reform of teacher training, a report Ministry of Education highlights the "difficulties" of teachers of colleges and junior colleges. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— France Soir 10/01/11 Nothing seen … —————————- ——————– the Cross of Lower 10/01/11 criminal responsibility does not unanimously Christian Estrosi filed Monday, January 10 at the national Assembly a bill to reduce the criminal responsibility from 18 to 16 years More —————————- Article ——————– echoes (some paid items) of 10/01/11 Nothing seen … ———— ———————————— 20 minutes from 10/01/11 priority Education: Department stands stock "encouraging" networks "ambition success" (RAR), formed in 2006 around colleges and schools that concentrate more school and social difficulties have a record "encouraging", according to a June 2010 report that the Ministry of national Education has just put online. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 10/01/11 "Yesterday I bought it" teens unpack their bag on YouTube When she returned from a raid at the mall, Blair Fowler, 17, shows what she bought his mother. And a million users. Blair, aka JuicyStar07, is one of the stars of "hauling" (from "haul" in English loot), a practice of showing off on webcam content of his shopping sprees. Hatched on YouTube there are about one and a half, the phenomenon, mainly North American, a quickly growing. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France … 10/01/11 Nothing seen ——————————- —————– Le Journal du Dimanche 10/01/11 Nothing seen … —————— ———————- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 10/01/11 ————- Nothing seen … ————————— the 10/01/11 Beginning of the bac exam on June 16 the written tests of bachelor General will run until June 22 The results will be announced on 5 July. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the teaching of 10/01/11 An official report Cafe positively evaluates the priority education While the ministry is preparing for the widespread CLAIR networks instead of RAR networks (networks ambition success), the published balance sheet of RAR by DGESCO judge el positive work done in RAR and takes down several points the official vulgate. Read more of the article High School Reform: The disarray of the second profs According to a survey published by the Ministry in January 2010, high school reform, setting up second in September 2010, has been widely acclaimed by the French . 76% of them were in favor. 88% felt positively personalized support. 73% of French thought that the reform will better take into account the specificities of students and better guide. Two out of three French (63%) still believed that the high school would work better. A year later, the home of the new second class raises concerns and negative judgment among teachers according to a survey by the Educational Cafe with its readers. Read more of the article desobeisseurs call for boycott assessments CM2 "We refuse to pass formatted and reducing testing. We will focus feedback to help us identify and understand the mistakes and shortcomings of the students." Two hundred teachers, including Alain Refalo and Bastien Cazals, signed a "call" inviting primary school teachers to reject national assessments. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 10/01/11 Better design peri home time and extra-curricular Hubert Montagner, former research director at INSERM, will speak on Friday 14 January at 21h in Lodeve under the cycle of conferences on school timetables organized with the contribution of the City of Lodeve. In this text motivating reflection, he tackles the difficult question of the joint family time and school time by a "third time": child care and activities and peri-school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — of 10/01/11 Nothing seen … ——————————— ————- EducPros of 10/01/11 ————————- Nothing seen … ———————————- VousNousIls of 10/01/11 the CAR report confirms the relevance of the priority education (Sgen) the results "encouraging" networks "ambition success" compiled by the Ministry of education "confirms the relevance of priority education" and "a land policy" integrating schools and colleges, responded Monday Sgen CFDT union Read more of the article Observatory priority areas welcomed the RAR balance sheet Observatory priority areas (OZP) welcomed Monday in a statement, balance sheet "encouraging "networks" ambition success "(RAR) prepared by the Ministry of Education, saying it" gives a positive outlook of continuity "for the future. 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