Areas of practice

  • Legal Audit

    The complexity and demands of the business activity of the company in general, determine that this will take measures to have at all times, with the elements needed to justify and prove their operation within the existing legal framework.

    A statutory audit carried out on a regular basis, it avoids any drawbacks such as those that may appear when applying to a financial institution a loan urgently, for whose success, among other things, it is vital to have a company legally organized sustainably.

    Audits as proposed, are also very useful when to outsource, because it will allow us to examine, with different ranges as appropriate, the legal status of who we face, reducing the risk of business carried out.

    That usually happens only credit risk analysis conducted-often criteria are made erróneos- leaving aside the study as a fundamental aspect is the legal structure and enforcement of existing laws by those with whom They intend to do business.

  • Collection of overdue loan portfolio
    • Advice for opening current accounts receivables and customers.
    • Collections and documentation that should be required.
    • Delivery folder with debt collection procedure law firm coordinated with sample letters and texts of injunction.
    • Documentation of debts in favor of the company.
    • Payment arrangements.
    • Extrajudicial and judicial collection of debts.
  • Foreign trade
    • Negotiation claims against or directed clients (importers and exporters).
    • Legal advice and assistance in administrative -Aduana-: Initiation and processing of records, summaries, administrative and judicial remedies.
    • Advice and defense company in court in matters arising from foreign trade operations related to individuals or enforcement authority.
    • Legal assistance on financing imports and exports.
  • Administrative law
    • Legal assistance and defense company in National, Provincial and Municipal administrative headquarters.
    • Administrative proceedings, sanctions (fines) and closures.
    • Justice performance against Fouls
    • Legal assistance and defense company headquartered in administrative litigation (judicial) before the Federal National
    • Justice and the Province of Buenos AIRES
  • Environmental Law
    • General legal advice on environmental issues.
    • Conflicts arising from the application of rules in the matter raised by the national and provincial administrative authorities.
    • Claims and defenses in administrative proceedings (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation – OPDS – ACUMAR – Other).
  • Civil rights
    • General contracts.
    • Real estate law.
    • Inheritance.
    • Habeas data.
    • Personal rights.
    • Copyright.
  • Business Law


    Constitution reforms.
    Corporate reorganization. Transformations, spin-offs and mergers.
    Corporate governance.
    Family Businesses: Internal Relations. Inter-corporate agreements. Organization management. Succession planning in government and company management.
    Meetings: Attendance at assemblies and meetings of boards of directors (managers, directories).
    Sale of shareholdings and transfers of quotas. Advice. Contracts.
    Shareholder agreements. Equity syndication agreements.
    Corporate litigation.


    Comprehensive advice on pre-contractual and post-contractual stage. Drafting.
    Consumer protection: rights and obligations of the company as a provider of goods and services for consumption.
    Confidentiality agreements. Letters of intent.
    Defaults: extrajudicial and judicial claims.

    Bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks, shares, corporate bonds.


    Consulting company in crisis. Reorganization. Legal assistance at all levels.
    Preventive extrajudicial agreements.
    Reorganizations: Presentation and processing. Negotiation.
    Bankruptcy: Orders and processing of the same.
    Bankruptcy creditors: Assistance creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Credit checks.


    Advice and administrative and judicial assistance.
    Patents, trademarks and Utility Models

    Defense of corporate interests in industrial property and trademark.


    Advice for the performance of the company against financial institutions.
    Preparation of application folders for lending in the financial system.
    Debt negotiation.
    Disputes with companies of credit risk by the incorrect or outdated information that they publish or broadcast.

  • Right to damages
    • Claims for damages.
    • Defenses (answering demands).
    • Claims arising from contractual breaches or resulting from accidents, crimes or other crimes.
    • We claim to insurance companies.
  • Labor law
    • Comprehensive advice on labor issues.
    • Employment contracts: Choosing the contract. Management.
    • Contingencies arising from the employment relationship.
    • Accidents and occupational illness: Rights and obligations of the parties. Licenses (scope).
    • Occupational accidents and diseases (RISKS OF WORK: Intervention in ART and legal defenses for claims arising from compensation claims originate in misfortunes (accidents or illnesses) labor of any kind.
    • Medical management of illnesses and injuries: Rights and obligations of the company.
    • Occupational health and safety. Regulatory standards. Management.
    • Layoffs and other causes of termination of the employment relationship: Conclusion of the contractual relationship.
    • Procedures to be followed before and after the termination of the contract produced.
    • Union relations: Assistance company in negotiations and collective disputes.
    • Legal assistance in administrative work (Ministry of Labour of the Province of Buenos Aires and S .ECLO -.. Capital Federal).
    • Conflicts arising from the employment relationship: Performance and defense in court.
  • Economic Criminal Law
    • BCRA administrative proceedings for violation of foreign exchange regulations.
    • Reports, presentations as plaintiffs, individuals affected.
    • Defenses.
  • Tax and tax foreclosures
    • Performance (defenses and claims) before the AFIP and the Provincial Tax Bureau of the Province of Buenos Aires.
    • Procedures and administrative and judicial remedies.
    • Tax foreclosures in contributions, levies, duties and taxes.
    • Claims of unions and social work.